Terms and Conditions of the Agreement in the Sale and Purchase of Batteries, either online or in and incoming calls.

Terms and Conditions are as follows:

1. Every purchase, or online purchase must have a cash bill or a valid document from G.O.B Marketing Company.

2. The car battery purchased is only valid in the car plate number printed in the sale and purchase agreement, otherwise the car battery claim agreement will be canceled immediately.

3. Online buying and selling must first pay online transaction at any bank or Payment gateway including delivery fare, after it is valid, new delivery of goods by following the schedule.

4.Online sales are only valid to claim back money when the batteries and goods are sent incorrectly, but if the vehicle they are using is without a car key, turn on the car engine, mistakenly order a car battery that is not Standard or EFB position for vehicles made in Asia/Japan and AGM for vehicles made in European states, then the money refund claim cannot be refunded.

5. Car batteries that should be used for EFB and AGM will not be allowed to use car batteries that are not EFB and AGM Standard, if the owner of the vehicle does not inform the G.O.B Marketing Company, so all risks and adverse effects in vehicle components will have to be borne by the owner of the vehicle. .

6. All online orders must make payment including delivery fare, and WhatsApp returns the receipt to G.O.B Marketing Company, after validly receiving their money, all delivery work will be carried out, after that the battery delivery activity will follow the delivery company's schedule.

7. All car battery claims are only confirmed within 12 months from the date of G.O.B Marketing Company invoice set.

8. When claiming a car battery, they must attach a valid agreement document from G.O.B Marketing Company within 12 months, except those who buy car batteries by way of additional payment of either 3 months and 6 months respectively according to the method of additional sale and purchase agreement, if not after 12 the entire month of claim work will not be served, as will the additional sale and purchase agreement method.

9. The return fare for the car battery claim work will only be paid by the owner of the vehicle itself. The same goes for replacing the new battery/returning the existing battery.

10. G.O.B Marketing Company will not be responsible for the loss of the battery during delivery from the owner of the vehicle.

11. G.O.B Marketing Company reserves the right to ensure that the claimed battery can claim or not guidance from the rules and conditions of the researcher or the technical review of the health of the respective battery position.

12. The sale and purchase agreement cannot claim or validate all natural disasters, incidents committed by human beings themselves, such as damaged car batteries due to misuse or car accidents and so on.

13. In conclusion all sale and purchase agreements must be valid during the car battery installation picture in the same car as what's app back to G.O.B Marketing Company 01110388336.

14. After placing an order on the website, it will be shipped within 3-5 working days

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