About Us

G.O.B Marketing Company is a professional car battery solution provider. Our founder, Mr.Ong has been in the car battery industry for over 30 years. Over the years in the industry, Mr. Ong is very familiar with automotive battery knowledge and has a comprehensive grasp of automotive battery technology.

We will also guide our customers to claim warranty in the correct way when they encounter any car battery issues.

As the changes of the times, Mr.Ong, founder of G.O.B Marketing Company, also focused on the research of new models of automobile batteries. After a long period of time, Mr.Ong now completely controls the details of battery technology and has become an expert on automobile batteries!

With the help of the customer's attitude and faith, G.O.B Marketing Company adhere to give all customers comprehensive knowledge of car batteries, teach customers how to correctly choose to suit oneself vehicle batteries, educate customers how to know whether your car battery aging and let our customers know how to correct the use of car batteries.

G.O.B Marketing Company is not only a professional car battery provider, but also aims to share and convey our professional knowledge to more people!